The Company

We are now expanding our product lines with a new farmers group to produce more organic products such as long pepper, cubeb pepper, vanilla, fresh and dry fruits. We also work together with our farmers in developing fair trade supply chain for our products and now be the first to produce organic coconut sugar fair trade under fair trade international.

Our Vision

To develop an integrated organic farmland with our farmer partners, by producing more organic products base on fair trade relationship and support the sustainability of the farms

Integrated Organic Project

Every farmer in our farmland has an average of 500 m² of organic farmland that can be used to cultivate many organic products. By collaborating with our farmers, we expect to produce organic products such as coconut fruit, moringa, clove, pepper, ginger, turmeric, vanilla, cacao and many more shortly in future. We believe that this integrated organic farmland concept will help increasing our farmers’ income, and helps them to live above the poverty line.

Internal Control System

PT Mega Inovasi Organik is built upon a vision to help traditional farmers in Indonesia to live above the poverty line by opening a gate for their artisanal organic product to enter international market. We believe that the first thing to do is to bring the product to meet international standard for quality.

We maintain the quality of our organic coconut sugar by using the Internal Control System (ICS). This system enables us to track down the production lines to the very beginning and improve the traceability of our product.

Our coconut farmer work in a group of 20 to 30, and each group has a leader who is fully responsible of his members. Regular meetings with the groups are held by our field officers from the Internal Control System (ICS) team to give mentoring and counseling about organic production methods, and to assist them during the first steps of the production process: from the cultivation of the tree, the organic production steps, all the way to product handling and labeling before being transported to our warehouse.

From these direct meetings with the farmers, we are able to monitor the production process down to the very beginning, to identify the problem on the grass roots and improve the traceability of our product.